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 Tricor Recruiting Consultants Code of ethics

1. All searches conducted in a highly professional manner with promptness, completeness and thoroughness. Without regard to age, race, religion, marital status, or sex.

2. Our candidates are never told the identity of the employer until the employer agrees to speak to them. All searches are held in the strictest of confidentiality.

3. As your partner, we invest the time to understand each client's values, philosophy,
requirements and climate and cultural needs. This will assure making the right decision for

4. Tricor Recruiting will provide you with written references before the offer is extended.

5. Tricor Recruiting Consultants does not recruit from active client companies.

6. Tricor Recruiting Consultants has not and will not recruit a candidate that they have
placed for as long as they are with that company.

7.Candidates are interviewed personally whenever possible or by extensive, multiple
telephone contacts.

8.Tricor Recruiting Consultants will negotiate salary and benefits in the best interest of the


9.Tricor recruiters will not denigrate candidates presented to clients by other recruiting firms.

10.Tricor recruiters will make every effort to meet all employers.